5 React Libraries you should know

So, here are the 5 great React libraries which you should know about as a React developer.

1 - React Query

React Query is an open source data fetching library in React developed by Tanner Linsley. It has more than 1.2 million weekly downloads on NPM and more than 27k stars on GitHub.


2- React Hook Form

React Hook Form It's a high-performant, tiny library without any dependencies and improves your app's performance by reducing your code, isolating re-renders, faster mounting, etc.


3- Redux

Redux Is an open-source state management library in JavaScript.


4- Styled-Components

Styled-Components Is a CSS tool that helps you organize your React project image.png

5 - React Suite

React Suite The library has the standard components necessary for the web developer to build most of the finest web apps. React Suite comes inclusive of modern apps for the customized themes, variety of clean and simple icons, and the color palette